Here are just some examples of our range of Deck ovens. If you require more information or want us to help find the best oven for you please contact us.

Mondial Forni Oven

Mondial Forni

DekoMondial ACTIVE

The Deko ACTIVE oven has 1 PRO control panel on one deck (master) and BAS control panel on the other decks (slaves).
The easy operation is the main feature of the BAS control panel, where each button has a direct and intuitive function.

  • Baking temperature (top/bottom)
  • Baking time
  • Steam production in seconds (manual / automatic)
  • Extra baking time
  • n° 2 automatic daily ignitions / shutdowns (programmable with the PRO control panel)
  • End of baking buzzer
  • “Sleep” function
  • Steam exhauster on/off
  • Lighting on/off
  • Steamer heating on/off
  • % of use of extra front heating element
  • Troubleshooting
  • Steam mode (continuous / intermittent)

Recipe loading is made up with iPRO control panel, than downloaded into the other decks.

Mondial Forni Fixed Deck Oven Modul

Mondial Forni

Fixed Deck Oven Modul Series

Electric fixed deck oven composed of independent decks with standard working height 230 mm (180mm on request) that can be stacked to get a single baking unit.
Every deck is an independent oven that can be operated at different temperature and, therefore, it is possible to bake different products at the same time.
Modul series is particularly suitable for pastry shops, bakeries,
take-away pizza shops, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, selfservice as it is an ideal oven for baking, warming, re-heating, toasting the products.
Mondialforni’s over 60 years experience ensures top performances and maximum reliability and safety.
Modul series is complying with the following European.


  • Low Tension Directive 2006/95/EC
  • Electromagnetic compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC (92/31/EEC – 93/68/EEC)
  • Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 October 2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.