Heuft Eurorack RZ


The oven normally has up to seven hearths, a loader and unloader. The baking is done on a web feed, and slat conveyor, and more seldom on stone base plates.

Heating type: Oil, gas, electric
Heating system: Heat transfer oil
Feeding technique: The loader has a customary step length of 1,200 mm and is made of a cloth or steel belt. The unloader, which is a steel band, has the same step length. The loader and unloader are located immediately in front of and behind the oven conveyors and are height-adjustable.

Baking with thermo-oil works on a principle similar to that of central heating. The heating system is separate from the oven: the Heuft thermo-oil boiler. Fed with fuel oil, natural gas, electricity or as a biomass boiler with wood chips, wood pellets, even sawdust, old bread or corn cobs, it heats up the thermal oil, which carries the heat to the oven. Heuft thermal oil system

Via a pipeline system with supply and return lines the non-toxic, temperature-resistant and extremely heat-receptive and heat-retentive oil enters the radiative bodies.

The hot thermal oil is circulated very rapidly (about 8000 liters per hour for a 20 m² baking surface) without pressure in an open system by means of strong pumps. This means that only flow pressure is created, and no expansion pressure from the thermal oil.

The flow of the hot thermal oil to the oven is regulated precisely by a 3-way valve. The high heat storage capacity of the thermal oil and the outstanding heat transfer result in a smooth, gentle but powerful heat transfer to the dough, resulting in a very good oven rise and even browning-off.

What was once a minor sensation is today a technical standard at Heuft. Our experience with the thermal oil system means security for you!

Heuft Thermo Roll

Heuft Vulkan Thermo-Roll

Everything can be done to the highest quality.

From rye bread to oven rolls, from brioche to cheesecake. Conveyance after conveyance: they can’t go in and out any faster or more efficiently. Time after time.

  • No waiting times
  • Lightning-fast heat-up
  • The Thermo-Roll® is always ready to roll
  • Everything is baked very evenly
  • Door open, door shut – even during the baking process you can slip out individual sheets or slide others in. Stored in the heating plates, the resilient heat stays put.