Planning & Design

Planning and Design

From start to finish we create individual solutions suited to your space and bakery production requirements. Whether you are a small bakery or large industrial plant, we will create an energy efficient designs to improve your business, with high quality and competitive equipment ranges.

We create detailed drawings to show you how this will work for you and create a schedule to install this quickly to minimise downtime during the re-furbishment.

We use only the most highly respected brand names in bakery equipment ensuring that are installations are based on high quality equipment.

We source refrigeration equipment from brand leader, KOMA and highly efficient thermal oil based ovens from Heuft.

Single pieces of innovative equipment or production lines can be uniquely designed and commissioned by us to suit your individual needs or to address problems or production issues that could be quicker, more efficient or create a higher quality bakery product.

With 25 years of experience in bakery equipment services, innovation has been key to the growth of our extensive and prestigious client base. We have helped many companies and bakeries to grow and change over a long-term relationship throughout the UK and Ireland.